Hangzhou KD Pharmchem Co.,Ltd. Help Vanuatu Small Customer Growth Plan, We are a professional LETROZOLE from China manufacturers/suppliers, for LETROZOLE OEM&ODM/wholesale prices. Ipratropium bromide is a type of medicine called an anticholinergic. Anticholinergics block the actions of a chemical called acetylcholine, which is important inIpratropium bromide is a drug used by oral inhalation to keep breathing passages open in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, including chronic bronchitis

LETROZOLE is a short-acting (lasting for 6-8 h) anticholinergic bronchodilator used in the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseIPRATROPIUM BROMIDE. Ipratropium oral inhalation is used to prevent wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing, and chest tightness in people with chronicReports for IPRATROPIUM BROMIDE. Active Ingredient. IPRATROPIUM BROMIDEPMS-IPRATROPIUM, 250MCG, SOLUTION, Actual shortage